After a month hiatus, we're back at 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein to bring you yet another out-of-the-world, banging exhibition as part of this August's First Thursdays cultural activities. Now taking place every two months, we've been cooking up an experiential exhibition, titled Square 1, that brings together childhood nostalgia and storytelling. And because unsettling, challenging and doing things differently is the Umuzi way, this is no conventional wine swirling, wall staring affair ... you get be part of the exhibition too. Square 1 brings into practice Umuzi's Theory of Change which is concerned with improving and providing access to innovative education and creative careers, challenging and changing the current narrative and encouraging shared growth through cultural exchanges and alternative narratives.
Encouraging storytelling and sharing through play, we're breaking down, building, creating and doing any and everything imaginable in order to facilitate a space that encourages the expression and sharing of personal anecdotes through the use of building blocks. Divided into three spaces for exploration, creating and sharing, in addition to exhibiting stories and sculptures created in the studio by our recruits, we will have an allocated space where attendees can create and share their own stories and sculptures as part of the exhibition.
Beyond experimenting with a new medium to facilitate the creation and sharing of stories, Square 1 reinforces Umuzi's principles of making not just the creative industry but creative outputs and experiences such as exhibitions accessible as well as fostering emotional intelligence and empathy through creativity. So come join the fun as we build and share through play for one night only. Doors open at 6 PM till 9 PM / 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein / 3 August 2017

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