Illustration by Tshidiso Mohafa

Illustration by Tshidiso Mohafa

So I woke up early Sunday morning and my eyes were startled by the Headlines: “Gods of Egypt Epic failure!” Yoh! For a moment I went cuckoo until I read “high budget movie” as a subtitle, sudden relief.

I thanked the Gods – excuse the pun – but in Africa, Gods and failure cannot be used in the same sentence. See, the Gods of Egypt worked tirelessly to build Empires and historic pyramids that have stood the test of time, through proper research!

Unfortunately in this box office flop, the very same pyramids and mummified Gods are used as propaganda to belittle our history. So Dear Mr producer, my intention is not hostility, but you need to wake up and smell the Egyptian coffee. This is Africa; you cannot live your American Dream by turning ours into a nightmare. Mummies are sacred. I am tired of my younglings dreading the thought of mummies and their own Gods because you portray them as animalistic creatures buried with pots of gold (something you couldn’t reach with your terribly scripted movie).

Remember the Return of the Mummy? Well, you should consider this epic failure as the retaliation of the mummies! This is karma, Tutankhamun style.

Americans have this unspoken policy of telling African stories that are hyperbolically dramatized and poorly researched. As if that is not bad enough, they think a $140 million budget guarantees a box office hit and Academy Awards wins. Like really?

No, no, no! This film is sooo disrespectful, to the owners of the stories and the artistic world holistically! In my opinion, this was bound to be a Box Office miss.

Written by: Mogau Ntsoane

Illustration by: Tshidiso Mohafa

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