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Cedrick Nzaka is a Kenyan-born and raised photographer, currently based in South Africa. He describes himself as a humanitarian, social documentary and landscape photographer, with a particular interest in fashion and portrait photography.


He is the Founder of EveryDayPeopleStories an online publication that allows young creatives a platform to showcase their talent through fashion editorials, poetry and short stories.

EveryDayPeopleStories mends the bridge between Local and International creatives and gives them a platform to interact and collaborate through different avenues the platforms presented for interactions are mostly through individual interviews which create insights into specific individual works and what projects they are involved in.

‘’I wish to retain the charm and mental purity of the youth, yet attain the virility/muliebrity and respect of maturity.’’- Cedrick Nzaka

Among other accolades, Cedric Nzaka has built a strong client base with clients such as Toyota, Fiat,

South African National Road Agency, Afro Punk, Sunday Times, just to name a few.

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Seven of our P50 students were given an opportunity to be photojournalists on behalf of Between 10and5.  The collaboration was with Levi’s Pioneer Nation Festival that was held in Braamfontein.  In the two weeks of the experience, four training workshops were completed, five interviews were published, and Thirty-three photographs were taken by the learners.
Seven of our Power of 50students will chip in on a game-changing opportunity with the Between 10and5  media team for the Levi’s Pioneer Nation festival. The 16-hour festival will take place on the 25th September in Braamfontein, where it aims to “inspire, inform and entertain”.


Thank You Braamfontein
On March the 29th, 2012, we launched the “I am an activist” campaign in Braamfontein. The campaign combined three major issues in a city wide take over. 
Umuzi Photo Club suffered a major setback last year— when a bunch of hoodlums broke into our offices in Braamfontien. They took with them years of Umuzi Libraries, cameras and Laptops. This was never going to stop us though and with the help of our Umuzi community we were able to bounce back and grow stronger than ever before.The Monitor Group, after hearing about our Braamfontein incident opened their doors and offered us sponsored office space.

Monitor’s family values really have shone through as they have not only gone out of their way to give us a space but made us feel like part of their family.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Monitor Group and its employees for providing us with this incredible opportunity and making us feel welcome.
Special thanks must go to Tebogo Skwambane, Patty Lacey and Albena Van Heerden for believing in our vision and making this all possible.

Written by: Nwabisa Ngumbela
Edited by: Nicci Collier
Photographs: Thabo Toyi