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Since, its inception, Umuzi has tirelessly committed itself to be a community that offers a home for creatives. We are passionate educators that aim to develop the next generation of Strategists, Coders, Multimedia storytellers and Creatives (Copywriters / Conceptual Designers) through human centred design.

Art is often seen as more of a hobby than a career in many communities in South Africa. Therefore many of our recruits enter our space with little confidence. They haven’t yet felt encouraged to pursue their passion. A large part of what we do centres around developing the confidence to see yourself as an artist who can make a career doing what you love.There has never been a more exciting time to be a black creative than right now! We’ve witnessed our alumni and current recruits owning and telling their stories through their art, continuously contributing their voice and celebrating original narratives.We take pride in being a space that gives creatives a chance to choose who they want to become. Our academy is where one comes to learn and get paid for it through our learnership program. This way, our recruits never have to pay to study.

With many current and potential students facing exclusion from higher education because of unaffordable fees and outdated methods of education, Umuzi offers itself as a solution that provides access to tailored and innovative education that ensures young people can start meaningful careers in the creative sector.

Year in and year out, with every recruitment campaign, Umuzi attracts applicants from all over the country, even enticing attention from other parts of the continent. Because Cape Town has also brought in large numbers of applicants, we thought it best to make a second home out of the friendly city!

We’ve also witnessed that the industry in Cape Town is in dire need of transformation and desegregation. Umuzi aims to facilitate the coming together of young aspiring creatives and organizations that need more authentic content.


Yes, Cape Town, you heard right! Recruitment is now open, the door has widened for you also join our community of award-winning creatives.

We’re excited to announce our first ever Cape Town recruitment. Apply now and give yourself the opportunity of following your passion! CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW


We’re excited to announce that the exhibition, which continues to be a celebration and exploration of language will be showcased at 2 Gordon Street, Gardens as part of the Cape Town First Thursdays programme

Umuzi is once again partnering with AFROPUNK to offer up a thought-provoking exploration of language in Southern Africa as a complex singularity – a river system in a dynamic flow full of all the different styles of speech around us, and their graphic representation in different systems of writing, not just the Roman alphabet that we learn at school, but the writing systems that are indigenous to this continent.

The RINGA! exhibition is curated by Umuzi, showcasing the diverse artistry and interpretations of the theme by young South African artists within the Umuzi community. Through their work, they interrogate the relationships between the visual and oral of language in this region of the world.

Language has always been an undeniable cornerstone of how we express, communicate and understand each other. It’s how we embrace one another and determine if we are heard and listened to.

Language shapes how we define the world around us and most importantly how we align our true selves to certain beliefs and values. Come join us this Thursday and uncover exciting artworks that speak to both official and nonofficial everyday language, from Is’Camtho and Tsotsitaal to IsiMpondro and Tshivenḓa, incorporating various writing systems, such as isiBheqe Sohlamvu (Ditema tsa Dinoko), Adinkra symbols of West Africa, the Mandombe script of Congo, the Zẖȝ n Mdw-Nṯr of ancient Egypt, or the Jawi ajami for writing Afrikaans in Arabic characters.

Ringa! is bringing language to the fore in a way you’ve never seen before. Be sure to make your way to this First Thursday as we exhibit unusual reflections on taal in sound and image.

RSVP to the event HERE!


Last week Shoneez Cassim and Thapelo Motsumi shared their photographic expertise in a series of workshops in Cape Town. These workshops were held to teach photographic skills to a group of young people who are currently sailing around the world as part of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

This unique race, sponsored in part by the Sapinda Rainbow Project and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund– gives young people from under resourced areas the opportunity to not only build leadership skills but to see the world by visiting 16 ports across the globe.

Umuzi met with some of the participants while they spent some time at home in Johannesburg, before heading to the Cape Town leg of the race. Kindly, they allowed us into their homes so we could get to know them better.

Lebalang outside her home in Diepsloot

Lebalang Molobele,  21 and  from Meadowlands, described her experience of sailing as “thrilling and I love it when the shore just disappears and you are in the open ocean and cant see anything else. I wish I could explain it ; you feel content and at peace”. 

 Her sailing boots.

Lebalang with her family- mother, siblings and cousins.

Mbongiseni Dludlu, like Lebalang, heard about the race from an organisation called the Diepsloot Youth Project, where he volunteers as a youth mentor.

“Hitman” – his DJ name.

For Mbongiseni the race has given him the chance to,“get out of my comfort zone and meet other people from different cultures. Once when I was in the UK, I met a Chinese lady who taught me a few words.”

Family portrait- his grandmother and siblings.

Mbongiseni behind the wheel.

As part of their Cape Town leg, Mbongiseni, Lebalang and the other participants involved in the race were given the chance to be a part of the ultimate Cape Town experience- shark diving! Thapelo and Shoneez were able to share in this awesome and at times frightening encounter.

Lebalang looks forward to her shark encounter.

 Umuzi  would like to wish all participants a safe and fun filled race. Good luck guys, you are awesome!

Thank you to Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and Sapinda Rainbow Project for giving Umuzi the opportunity to partner with them in this worthy endeavour.

Photographs: Judy Lelliott, Shoneez Cassim, Thapelo Motsumi
Written By: Lauren Stuart
Edited By: Andrew Levy