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Cedrick Nzaka is a Kenyan-born and raised photographer, currently based in South Africa. He describes himself as a humanitarian, social documentary and landscape photographer, with a particular interest in fashion and portrait photography.


He is the Founder of EveryDayPeopleStories an online publication that allows young creatives a platform to showcase their talent through fashion editorials, poetry and short stories.

EveryDayPeopleStories mends the bridge between Local and International creatives and gives them a platform to interact and collaborate through different avenues the platforms presented for interactions are mostly through individual interviews which create insights into specific individual works and what projects they are involved in.

‘’I wish to retain the charm and mental purity of the youth, yet attain the virility/muliebrity and respect of maturity.’’- Cedrick Nzaka

Among other accolades, Cedric Nzaka has built a strong client base with clients such as Toyota, Fiat,

South African National Road Agency, Afro Punk, Sunday Times, just to name a few.

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Since, its inception, Umuzi has tirelessly committed itself to be a community that offers a home for creatives. We are passionate educators that aim to develop the next generation of Strategists, Coders, Multimedia storytellers and Creatives (Copywriters / Conceptual Designers) through human centred design.

Art is often seen as more of a hobby than a career in many communities in South Africa. Therefore many of our recruits enter our space with little confidence. They haven’t yet felt encouraged to pursue their passion. A large part of what we do centres around developing the confidence to see yourself as an artist who can make a career doing what you love.There has never been a more exciting time to be a black creative than right now! We’ve witnessed our alumni and current recruits owning and telling their stories through their art, continuously contributing their voice and celebrating original narratives.We take pride in being a space that gives creatives a chance to choose who they want to become. Our academy is where one comes to learn and get paid for it through our learnership program. This way, our recruits never have to pay to study.

With many current and potential students facing exclusion from higher education because of unaffordable fees and outdated methods of education, Umuzi offers itself as a solution that provides access to tailored and innovative education that ensures young people can start meaningful careers in the creative sector.

Year in and year out, with every recruitment campaign, Umuzi attracts applicants from all over the country, even enticing attention from other parts of the continent. Because Cape Town has also brought in large numbers of applicants, we thought it best to make a second home out of the friendly city!

We’ve also witnessed that the industry in Cape Town is in dire need of transformation and desegregation. Umuzi aims to facilitate the coming together of young aspiring creatives and organizations that need more authentic content.


Yes, Cape Town, you heard right! Recruitment is now open, the door has widened for you also join our community of award-winning creatives.

We’re excited to announce our first ever Cape Town recruitment. Apply now and give yourself the opportunity of following your passion! CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW


We’re excited to announce that the exhibition, which continues to be a celebration and exploration of language will be showcased at 2 Gordon Street, Gardens as part of the Cape Town First Thursdays programme

Umuzi is once again partnering with AFROPUNK to offer up a thought-provoking exploration of language in Southern Africa as a complex singularity – a river system in a dynamic flow full of all the different styles of speech around us, and their graphic representation in different systems of writing, not just the Roman alphabet that we learn at school, but the writing systems that are indigenous to this continent.

The RINGA! exhibition is curated by Umuzi, showcasing the diverse artistry and interpretations of the theme by young South African artists within the Umuzi community. Through their work, they interrogate the relationships between the visual and oral of language in this region of the world.

Language has always been an undeniable cornerstone of how we express, communicate and understand each other. It’s how we embrace one another and determine if we are heard and listened to.

Language shapes how we define the world around us and most importantly how we align our true selves to certain beliefs and values. Come join us this Thursday and uncover exciting artworks that speak to both official and nonofficial everyday language, from Is’Camtho and Tsotsitaal to IsiMpondro and Tshivenḓa, incorporating various writing systems, such as isiBheqe Sohlamvu (Ditema tsa Dinoko), Adinkra symbols of West Africa, the Mandombe script of Congo, the Zẖȝ n Mdw-Nṯr of ancient Egypt, or the Jawi ajami for writing Afrikaans in Arabic characters.

Ringa! is bringing language to the fore in a way you’ve never seen before. Be sure to make your way to this First Thursday as we exhibit unusual reflections on taal in sound and image.

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18th BASA Awards_Highlights-026

Last night, at the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg, Umuzi was honoured to receive the Business Arts South Africa Development Award for our extraordinary partnership with Investec, the Umuzi Academy. “Potential without opportunity will remain but potential,” said Setlogane Manchidi, Head of Corporate Social Investment at Investec, after the awards. We would like to thank Investec for seeing the potential in our vision to develop the next generation of creative professionals from eKasi, and for working with us to realise it.

18th BASA Awards_Highlights-028We are thrilled to receive this award and grateful to BASA for recognising all the hard work so many people have put in, over many years, to create the Umuzi Academy. As we celebrate, we remain humbled by how much more there is for us to do to realise our full potential. But with partners like Investec, we feel confident that the Umuzi Academy will keep rising to the challenge of supporting young creatives to realise their potential.

Check out the full interview below with highlights from the evening. 

 Written by: Zuleka Pukwana

On Tuesday morning the country was greeted by shocking headlines about the xenophobic attacks taking place in South Africa’s townships and informal settlements.  The headlines were accompanied by disturbing images and video clips depicting the depth of human cruelty.  


Thabo Toyi was different from day one. He saw a media interview and did not stop calling Andrew our MD until finally he agreed to a meeting. “Put it simply Andrew I want in, I love everything about this organization and I want to do this” is what he said. Thabo joined the program and flourished. After completing a whirlwind Umuzi Activist’s course. With the support of Umuzi, Thabo won the Tudortech photography bursary which allowed him to complete his photography degree at City Varsity.

During this time Thapelo Motsumi, head of photography and another Umuzi Alumni, put him through his paces. Countless hours of mentoring, encouragement and some tough love sometimes got Thabo to sharpen his skills and really achieve at a tertiary level.
He was also lucky enough during this time to work for clients like Mercedes Benz, Discovery and Investec Bank, assisting some of the best photographers, Chris Saunders, AntheaPokroy and Mike Tippett to name a few, which according to Thabo was his biggest highlights of his life.
When we all saw Thabo talking about the State of Nation Address on CNBC Africa’s “Tonight with Bruce Whitfield”, we witnessed his heartfelt passion to be a young South African who is eager to make a difference not only in his own life but in the life of others as well.
Thabo received his marks early on and passed his course with flying colours. Thabo you have worked like a machine and it hasn’t been easy. Andrew remembers some of the difficulties you faced and how every time you were triumphant.
We would like to send a special thank you to all of those at Tudortech who supported Thabo along the way. From the CEO Gary Shap, Daryl Miller and Mike Raddall, you and your organization have been pinnacle to Thabo’s continuing growth and success.
Checkout Thabo’s blog
Photography: Thapelo Motsumi
Written by: Tebogo Mathodlana
Edited by: Andrew Levy


2014 was a year filled with incredible achievements for both the current Umuzi Academy students and Umuzi Alumnis. In the early hours of the start of 2015 we received brilliant news from two of our Alumnis Siyabonga and Thabo. These guys continue to impress with their tenacity, hard work and passion for making a difference in not only their lives but the lives around them. More success stories to come throughout the up and coming weeks.


My Next step: a look into the future
As Umuzi Photo Club, we pride ourselves in developing the next generation of creative professionals from ekasi who will not only propel their lives but also make a huge impact in their communities. Our success stories lie in the hands of our past, present and future young and passionate people who have participated in our innovative programs like, I Am an Activist, The Power of 50 and Umuzi Academy.
My next step series will feature graduates from our alumni programs reflecting on their journeys and experience – their courses, their activities and their career choices – and how these have affected their transition into employment and spreading their wings. They are ordinary young people just like you. Many of them have taken advantage of their opportunities.
 All have a story to tell that is unique to them and that they are happy to share. 
Photos by: Thapelo Motsumi
Written by: Tebogo Mathodlana
Edited: Andrew Levy
Umuzi Academy applications ROUND 2
Did you miss out on the first application round for the Umuzi Academy 2015?
Do not stress, we have reserved 20 spots for amazing, young, creative talents from eKasi, who are aspiring to be Graphic Designers, Digital Marketers, and Creative Writers. Now’s your chance to show us why we had to keep a spot for you!
Simply fill in these online applications if you have a passion for:
  • Graphic Design apply here
  • Digital Marketing apply here
  • Creative Writing apply here

Hurry, applications close on the 16th of January 2015.

Email recruitmentp50@umuzi.org for more info. 

Thank you 3000 Facebookers!

Today we finally reached 3000 Likes on our Umuzi Facebook page and it’s really awesome as we hope to reach more and more fans in 2015. We created the page hoping to inspire people around the globe, connect with like-minded individuals and creatives. In return we built very strong relationships with other organizations treading in the same pool with us who also share the same vision. Keep rocking!

Thank you 3000 Facebookers!


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