Tag: Thuto Mofokeng

Thuto Mofokeng is a Soweto born videographer, photographer, co-founder of Nothing Ordinary Artworks and a multimedia recruit at Umuzi Academy.

Thina e’kasi, a photo series – which is composed mainly of portraits explores the social economic struggles and the cultures that exist in the townships of South Africa. This photo series is aimed at desensitizing the realities of South African townships to a broad audience, of individuals, through an intriguing cold, a saturated aesthetic that portrays the subjects in the images in an accurate manner.

My art is mainly influenced by society’s beliefs, morals and values and the prejudices that exist within society. Time is an essential element in influencing my subject matters.” – Thuto Mofokeng on Conte Magazine.

Thuto’s series is inspired by the environment of his community. Soweto paints or portrays the inequality which plagues south Africa so well, the photo series explores the cultures which exist within these environments and dismantle the stereotypes which exist regarding black culture.