Verona Banda is an Umuzi alumni, a freelance Art Director and self-taught Photographer. She’s also the founder and host of a project called ‘Play Again, Live Again’ a playful reminder of outdoor games enjoyed by children in and around South African townships.

Verona Banda - The Help

One of Verona’s series which she recently created was nominated for a #COM. The Umuzi Creative of the Month #COM is a deliberate attempt to celebrate creatives within our community. We hope with each nomination and with each win, current recruits and our alumni are inspired to create and exhibit their best work!

The Behance published series titled ‘The Help’ is a celebration and appreciation of women who leave their own homes to go and take care of other families. One out of every five women in South Africa is a domestic worker and are predominantly found in middle class households – they’re often black or colored women.

Domestic helpers perform a variety of services for families who’ve employed them. They usually provide care for children and housekeeping which includes cleaning and household maintenance. Theirs is a selfless and demanding full time job, even though most times it is very undervalued and undermined. Many of them are live in domestics who spend most of their lives raising other people’s children.

Verona’s work seeks to summon attention and to humanize domestic workers not just as helpers but as partakers who play indispensable roles in society. They are entrusted with the responsibility of being caregivers who have a nurturing spirit, always offering a set of hands whenever traditional parents need them.

A lot of families can testify that having a domestic worker has brought them closer and helped them build a stronger bond, relieving them of pressures and needs that have well been taken care of by their helper.

We are super proud of Verona and her exemplary attempt to dignify this profession. You’ve done a great job. Enjoy your prize!

To check out the rest of her series, CLICK HERE.

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